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30 Must-See DIY Home and Beauty Remedies
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This way you can easily separate your most used brushes, lipsticks, mascaras etc into a draw for easy access. And when it gets dirty you just empty it and pop it through the dishwasher- much easier than trying to scrub a makeup bag. Have you ever tried any of these DIY beauty tips? What household items do you use in your beauty routine? I've tried the toothbrush exfoliation tip. The cooking spray idea is interesting and oats in a body scrub sounds nice.

I pop some oats into an old stocking and then tie it off to use in the bath - creates a nice, nourishing, milky bath and exfoliates the skin gently, leaving the skin soft and smooth. I use the body lotions and conditioners from hotels to shave my legs, they are great, you just need to rinse the razor a lot. Some great ideas here.

I always shave my legs using a body lotion. So quick and easy and my legs are left soft and smooth. I must try the cooking spray one, and I never thought to use conditioner as a shaving cream. I once used coconut oil as a substitute to shave my legs because I had nothing else, my legs stung so bad. My latest love is DIY body scrub: Anyone agree that if you use an electric toothbrush you don't get old toothbrushes lol???

Must buy supermarket brands, they are pretty cheap. Some good ideas here. I always use conditioner when I shave my legs, it also stops the skin from becoming dry, it's great. I'd like to try the egg in my hair, but would have to remember to rinse it out using luke warm water only so that they don't cook.

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That would be a tricky mess to get out of! Gosh I bet rubbing your nails with toothpaste will also make your nails super smooth before you add polish, going to try that. Also brushing your lips to exfoliate them!

30 Must-See DIY Home and Beauty Remedies

Rub your hands all over with vaseline, then put on a pair of cotton gloves, you can sleep with them on or wear for about an hour. After you take the gloves off your hands will look silky smooth better than going to a salon and paying money. I have terrible eczema and hair conditioner is the ONLY thing I can use when shaving that guarantees no shaving rash! Buy the big 1 litre el-cheapo special from discount stores, for months of hair free bliss on a budget! I use hair conditioner as shaving cream if I've run out.

I much prefer shaving cream but conditioner's the next best thing! Skip to main content. I had my daughter use it every night for one week and it cleared up her skin. I put in orange oil, and it smells great! There is no longer a clog in my shower — and no nasty chemical residues or expensive plumber bills!

This is a space saver and super economical. I just keep a Post-it taped to the dish soap bottle for quick reference!


Raise each leg 10 times. Rubbing strawberries over your teeth too is good for whitening them. Easy, inexpensive and, best of all, it works! Shop A Everyday 20 Feb 2: Bottle and cork tightly. Not only because of the expense but because it works better. Put through line mincer again.

This works great on everything from sterling to diamonds! They thought it was a treat, which made it so easy to lather on and rinse off. My lettuce crisped up while soaking, too! I also added some lime zest for color. It made my hair super shiny and silky - much better than all of my expensive conditioners. It worked like a charm!


I used a lemon that I had zested and squeezed for a recipe. It's a great way to recycle them down to the last bits and pieces! To Prepare For Re-knitting To Soften and Whiten You will find the cake will rise very quickly. Nor will fruit sink or make it heavy. Store in a tin or jar and you will have a delicious flavoring for cakes.

This ensures a rare flavor. Stones are then very easily removed. This also gives a delicious flavor. It will not pull off easily. Tie bag to oven slide. Use tongs for turning grills. This does the trick. The tomatoes will thus keep their shape. Carrot tops make excellent garnishing when parsley is unprocurable. This way all vitamins are preserved. Wipe, but do not wash vegetables. Apple sauce, sage and onions, orange sauce, or orange salad. Caper, onion or parsley sauce. Place in a glass jar, and cover with the follow-. Keep for one month or longer before using.

Heat in a saucepan without boiling, and serve. Strain into a mould, and chill. Mix with strong cold tea.

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Put through line mincer again. This will keep indefinitely. Strain and use when cold. Place meat in pickle, well covered by the brine. One and a half lbs. Three lemons, 1 lb. Leave until cold, strain and bottle. One tablespoon added to water makes a delicious summer drink.


Strain, add sugar, then chill and add remaining ingredients. Serve with plenty of ice. Plenty of shaking will restore fluffiness.


When storing for summer, cover with moth. Store in a closed chest, trunk or drawer. Immerse curtains and dry. Squeeze and press well under the water. Squeeze gently, and use a soft brush on soiled spots.

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Rinse thoroughly, and hang in the open without wringing. The articles will iron out smoothly. The solution will not stain or smell. Always try to remove stains before washing in the ordinary way. Soak in cold water, then wash with warm water. Strong soda water is best for coffee. Then wash in the usual way. This method is for washable articles only. Leave on until salt is absorbed. Delicate fabrics should be treated with eucalyptus after sponging lightly with tepid water. Soak immediately in milk, and if a stain remains rinse in a weak solution of chloride of lime. Then wash in warm water, rinse and dry.

Soak in a weak solution of chloride of lime,.

Or boil mildewed article for 20 minutes in sufficient buttermilk to cover.