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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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She had been publicly branded a friendless Know-It-All by Ron Weasley and Paul Potter a month into her first year, and had gone to cry in a girl's bathroom as a result. For some reason, Harry had come after her and saved her from a troll. She had lied to defend him and they had been friends ever since. Since they could not be friends in public, as that would be dangerous for a first year half-blood in Slytherin, they communicated in secret. They met in classrooms at night, just as they were doing now.

They sent each other letters via school owls - sending them through the intermediary of a family friend of Harry's so that the owl that Harry sent his letters with was not the owl that delivered letters to Hermione and vice versa. Hermione had learnt from a friendly Ravenclaw prefect how to Charm a pair of notebooks so that anything that appeared in one simultaneously appeared in the other. She still smiled whenever she recalled Harry's reaction to her giving him one of the notebooks.

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No-one had ever given her the goddess treatment - falling to their knees and repeatedly bowing to her with their arms outstretched. Harry was very sweet. She told the other Gryffindors that she was keeping in touch with her Muggle friend Bertha, while he told the other Slytherins that he was keeping in touch with a penpal called Zany.

Needless to say, they had both been equally unamused by the names the other had coined for them. Keeping up appearances had been difficult. She had trouble convincing Harry not to defend her when his housemates called her a Mudblood. Similarly, he had persuaded her against her better judgement not to defend him to her housemates.

The door opened, and Harry entered.

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She dashed to his arms, and the snogging and other activities went on for several minutes. He had asked her out near the end of their second year, after her longest stay in the Hospital Wing. She had accepted after contemplating the decision for five seconds. They were both sitting on a transfigured blanket, their backs against the wall, her head on his shoulder. There was still one person left in the family - Mary, Harry's stepmother.

Lily, the mother of the Potter twins, had died when they were six. Harry missed her much, especially as she had been the only person in his family to give him any attention. Hermione's mind jumped instantly to the most unpleasant scenario, but she managed to stop herself saying it. Instead she gave Harry a hug. So's my dad, I think. I know he's really looking forward to meeting you. I want to go public with us. She hadn't expected him to agree "Are you sure, Harry?

It was more of a danger to him than her. After all, she didn't think any Gryffindor would try to murder her in her bed for dating a Slytherin, while precisely that had happened to Blaise Zabini when he had attempted to date Katie Bell the previous year. I checked the rulebook - students are barred from living in other Houses' dormitories, but nothing says they have to be in their own dormitories.

Two, you're more important to me than Quidditch. Three, we've been told to bring dress robes, which means there's a ball this year," he said, putting a finger on her lips so she wouldn't protest. Hermione didn't reply, but Harry understood. After all, it wasn't her fault that her lips couldn't do two things at once. She'd Hex you to pieces if you entered. Congratulations, by the way. I never suspected anything. She had worked with Blaise in Arithmancy and Potions, and found him an excellent observer. Hermione blushed, and Harry took her arm in his in a gesture of possession, saying "Mine!

Blaise laughed, and asked where they planned to sit. Do the Ravenclaws know this? And you have permission from Flitwick? He knew Padma was one of Hermione's few friends, and that Terry was Padma's boyfriend, but he had never thought that the boy would approve of a Gryffindor-Slytherin relationship. Then again, Boot was a reserved student, like most Ravenclaws.

Harry concluded the teen was neutral and willing to go along with his girlfriend for the moment. Harry could live with that - it was certainly far better than the treatment most others gave to him. Now, I'm going to go in and get prepared to click away, and you two lovebirds can come after a minute. I'll rush out before that to warn you if the Ravens haven't got a place ready for you to sit.

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They nodded, and watched him disappear into the Great Hall. When he did not return after a minute, they followed him, their hands interlinked. Conversation in the Hall hushed, especially when they stopped to exchange a huge sloppy kiss in the center of the room.

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The silence changed to excited whispers as they sat down at the Ravenclaw table. They sat next to each other, hands still joined, opposite a grinning Padma and a stoic Terry. Neither Harry nor Hermione were surprised. Ron Weasley was known to have a bizarre infatuation for her, was a bigoted anti-Slytherin, and considered himself the Lord Protector of Gryffindor Honour, after King Paul. They had an audience to play for, after all.

We've been going out for the past year. This is our business. Neither was surprised when Ron pulled out his wand and tried to stun Harry. Harry, who had been keeping his shields up since they entered the Hall, dodged anyway, and sent off an vicious Expelliarmus that sent Ron flying over the Slytherin table. From the corner of the Great Hall, Hermione saw Blaise give them a thumbs up, as if to say that he had caught the action and would soon be selling photos "Roll up, roll up, one sickle each!

As their Heads of Houses approached, Hermione took out a large tome, and jumped on to the bench. She was nervous as hell, but this was for Harry. There was another crash, this time caused by Paul hitting the ground.

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He had tried to stun Harry as well, and failed. Harry had sent a Body Bind at him. McGonagall and Snape had stopped, watching her, while other teachers had gone to help Weasley and the non-cute Potter. She figured she was behaving very uncharacteristically, and smirked inwardly. Maybe this would be fun after all.

Harry is far more capable of using it than these two morons who shame my house is not the issue here. Hermione wondered if she was still the Deputy Headmistress' favourite student any more. Harry, his wand already sheathed, held out his arms so Hermione could jump into them.

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She did, and he twirled her around a hundred and eighty degrees before letting her go. They faced their Heads of Houses, awaiting judgement. They weren't friends by any means, but not enemies either. You can download Apple Books from the App Store. Opening the iTunes Store.

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Now Jeff intends to give her a piece of her own medicine, and then some. So's my dad, I think. Her First Gangbang Bundle. But Harry said that it wasn't traditional for wizards and witches to take action into their own hands like that - they were too used to listening to authority figures when it came to such things. All my team does, for sure. And you have permission from Flitwick?

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