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Elsa erblickt Friedrich und Ortrud, erbebt, neigt traurig das Haupt und bejaht Was entgegnest du der Klage? ELSA starting sadly ahead for a while My poor brother! What have you to confide to me? ELSA quietly transfigured staring ahead of her Lonely, in troubled days I prayed to the Lord, my most heartfelt grief I poured out in prayer. And from my groans there issued a plaintive sound that grew into a mighteous roar as it echoed through the skies: I listened as it receded into the distance until my ear could scarce hear it; my eyes closed and I fell into a deep sleep.

Was hast du mir zu vertraun? ELSA In splendid, shining armour a knight approached, a man of such pure virtue as I had never seen before: I have sound reason to make the accusation I do! Her crime was reliably testified; but to have to dispel your doubts with a witness would truly offend my pride! Here am I, here is my sword! Who of you dares fight against my honour? We will only fight for you! Do you remember how I have served you, how I defeated the wild Dane in battle?

I freely admit that you are of the highest virtue; in nobody's possession but yours would I wish to know Brabant. Wes ich sie zeih, des hab ich sichren Grund. Hier steh ich, hier mein Schwert! Do you agree to a fight to the death, to defend your honour in an ordeal by battle? Do you agree to let a fight to the death take place here, to let a champion represent you in an ordeal by battle? ELSA without looking up Yes! Gott allein soll jetzt in dieser Sache noch entscheiden!

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ELSA She still looks enraptured; everyone watches her in expectation I will wait for the knight, he shall be my champion! I shall consider myself happy if he takes my possessions - if he wishes to call me spouse, I shall give him all that I am! He who fights for it would be wagering a great deal! The herald comes forward with the four trumpeters; he orders them to the four points of the compass, they proceed to the edge of the Judgement Circle and sound the call HERALD Let him who has come to fight in the trial by combat for Elsa of Brabant come forward! Things do not bode well for her!

I have right on my side! So ist es Zeit, dass nun der Ruf ergeh! Um ihre Sache steht es schlecht! Auf meiner Seite bleibt das Recht! He is surely a long way off and could not hear! The herald gives a signal and the trumpeters once again turn to the four points of the compass HERALD Let him who has come to fight in the trial by combat for Elsa of Brabant come forward! Elsa sinks to her knees, praying fervently.

The women, worried for their mistress, move slightly further into the foreground ELSA You carried my lament to him, he came to me at your command: O Lord, tell my knight now to help me in my need! Let me see him now as I saw him then, with an expression of joyful transfiguration as I saw him then, let him be near me! The men standing on the higher ground near the river are the first to witness the arrival of Lohengrin, who is seen in the distance in a barque pulled by a swan.

What strange and wonderous things is this? A swan is pulling a barque towards us! A knight is standing upright in it! How his armour shines! The eye is dazzled by such splendour! Behold, he is coming ever closer! The swan is pulling on a golden chain! The last few men hurry over to the background; the foreground is occupied only by the king, Elsa, Friedrich, Ortrud and the women. From his raised seat the king can see everything; Friedrich and Ortrud are overcome with shock and astonishment; Elsa, who has been listening to the men's cries with increasing rapture, remains in the middle of the stage; she dares not even look round MEN return to the foreground in a state of great agitation A miracle!

A miracle has happened, a miracle never before seen or heard! Welch ein seltsam Wunder! Ein Schwan zieht einen Nachen dort heran! Ein Ritter drin hoch aufgerichtet steht! Das Aug vergeht vor solchem Glanz! An einer goldnen Kette zieht der Schwan! The barque, drawn by the swan, reaches the bank in the middle of the background; Lohengrin, dressed in gleaming silver armour, a helmet on his head, a shield on his back and a small golden horn by his side is standing in the boat leaning on his sword.

Friedrich looks at Lohengrin in speechless horror. Ortrud, who has hitherto maintained a cold and arrogant posture, is gripped with terror when she sees the swan. Go back across the waters to whence your boat brought me, return again only to bring us happiness!

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Thus will you have carried out your duty faithfully! Farewell, farewell, my dear swan! The swan slowly turns the barque around and swims back up the river. Drum sei getreu dein Dienst getan! Leb wohl, leb wohl, mein lieber Schwan! What blessed power holds us spellbound! How fair and noble to behold is he whom such a miracle brought ashore! May God's blessing be with your sword! May your great and glorious name never vanish from this earth!

Do I rightly recognise the power that brought you to this land, do you come to us as one sent by God? Now let me see whether I am right in coming to her. He moves slyghtly closer to Elsa Speak then, Elsa of Brabant: If I am appointed as your champion will you without fear or trepidation entrust yourself to my protection? ELSA All the time she has been looking at Lohengrin, she has been unable to move, as if spellbound; but as soon as he addresses her she seems to wake up and falls down at his feet, overcome with joy My knight, my saviour! Take me to you; I give to you all that I am!

Ruhmreich und gross dein Name soll von dieser Erde nie vergehn! Erkenn ich recht die Macht, die dich in dieses Land gebracht, so nahst du uns von Gott gesandt? Nun lasst mich sehn, ob ich zu Recht sie treffe an. Dir geb ich alles, was ich bin! Do you understand what I am saying?

Never shall you ask me nor trouble yourself to know, whence I journeyed, what my name is, or what my origin! ELSA looking up at him with great emotion My protector! My redeemer, who firmly belives in my innocence! What crime or doubt could be greater than that which would rob you of credence? As truly as you protect me in my need, so shall I faithfully honour your command! Hast du mich wohl vernommen? Wie du mich schirmst in meiner Not, so halt in Treu ich dein Gebot! Has a spell been cast over me? I feel my heart fail at the sight of this noble, blessed man!

To all of you, people and nobles alike, I now proclaim: Elsa of Brabant is free of all guilt! That your charge was false, Count of Telramund, will now be shown to you through God's judgement! If you risk it, you will never win! He is protected by the highest power, so of what use is your brave sword? We your loyal friends beseech you! Defeat, bitter remorse awaits you! I know not what magic brought you here, stranger who stands so bold before me, but your arrogant threats will never stir me, for I am not wont to lie.

Thus I will take up the fight with you and hope for rightful victory! Ist's Zauber, der mir angetan? Euch, Volk und Edlen, mach ich kund: Wenn du ihn wagst, zu siegen nimmer du vermagst!

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Wir mahnen dich in Treu! Dein harter Unsieg, bittre Reu! Den Kampf mit dir drum nehm ich auf, und hoffe Sieg nach Rechtes Lauf! Three Saxons nobles come forward for Lohengrin, three Brabantians for Friedrich; they solemnly pace out the fighting area, marking off a full circle with their spears HERALD standing in the middle of the circle Hear me, listen carefully: Keep away from the battle ring, for if anyone disrespects the law of peace, if freeman, he shall pay with his hand, if serf, he shall pay with his head! Faithfully respect the law of battle! Let not the deceit and cunning of magic spoil the nature of the ordeal!

God will pass rightful judgement, so trust in Him, not in your own strength! Gewahrt in Treue Kampfes Pflicht! So trau ich ihm, nicht meiner Kraft! Proclaim through the sword's victory a verdict that clearly shows what is deceit and what is truth! May he who is innocent fight with the arm of a hero, and may he who is false be sapped of strength!

So help us God in this hour, for our wisdom is but fooly! Dear Lord, abandon not my honour! Make known your true judgement, O Lord our God, do not hesitate! Everyone returns to their places, rapt in solemn attention. The six witnesses remain by their spears at the edge of the ring, the rest of the men standing slightly further back.

Elsa and the women in the foreground under the oak tree beside the king. At a signal given by the herald, the trumpeters sound the call to battle. Lohengrin and Friedrich finish their preparations for the fight. The king draws his sword and strikes it three times on the shiel hanging on the oak. At the sound of the first stroke, Lohengrin and Friedrich take up their respective positions; at the second they draw their swords and adopt the guard position; at the third they begin the fight.

After several violent bouts he floors his opponent with one mighty blow. Friedrich tries to stand up again, stumbles back a few steps and falls to the ground As Friedrich does so, the Saxons and Thuringians pull their swords from the ground and the Brabantians likewise seize hold of theirs. So hilf uns, Gott, zu dieser Frist, weil unsre Weisheit Einfalt ist! Herr Gott, nun verlass mein Ehre nicht!

Beim ersten Schlage nehmen Lohengrin und Friedrich die Kampfstellung ein; beim zweiten ziehen sie die Schwerter und legen sich aus; beim dritten Schlage beginnen sie den Kampf. Lohengrin greift zuerst an. All the men thrust their swords back into the scabbards.

The witness pull their swords from the ground. The nobles and other men joyfully break into what was the fighting area until it is filled with a mass of people THE KING likewise returning his sword to its scabbard Victory! All hail to you, hero!

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Drum ruf ich klagend laut und hell: Be calm and collected! Der hier so hehre Wunder schuf, manch neue Tat vollbringen mag. Think this is neat? Die Kampfzeugen ziehen die Speere aus der Erde.

The king leads Elsa to Lohengrin ELSA Would that I could find tunes of jubilation equal to your glory, worthily to laud you, tunes rich in the highest praise! In you I must melt away, before you I fade into nothingness; that I may be blissfully happy, take all that I am! I must despair of salvation, my glory, my honour is no more! Die Kampfzeugen ziehen die Speere aus der Erde.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Keller wurde am in Zürich geboren. Sein Vater Drei Brüder suchen das Glück (German Edition) Kindle Edition. by Gottfried Keller (Author). Buy Drei Brüder suchen das Glück by Paul Keller from Amazon's Fiction Drei Brüder suchen das Glück (German) Paperback – 3 Feb Kindle Edition.

In dir muss ich vergehen, vor dir schwind ich dahin, soll ich mich selig sehen, nimm alles, was ich bin! Am Heil muss ich verzagen, mein Ruhm und Ehr ist hin! Will this man reduce me to despair, are all my hopes no more? Glory be to your journey! Praise be to your coming! Hail to your origin, Protector of the meek! You have defended the right of the meek, praise be to your coming, all hail to your origin! We sing the praises of you alone, our songs ring out to you!

Never again will a knight of your stature return to these lands! WOMEN Would that I could find tunes of jubilation equal to his glory, worthily to praise him, tunes rich in the highest praise! Young Saxon men lift Lohengrin up on his shiels and Brabantians lift up Elsa on the king's shield, having first spread it with several cloaks; both are carried off amidst cheers of jubilation.

Nie kehrt ein Held gleich dir zu diesen Landen wieder! Middle background the Palas [knights' quarters], left foreground the Kemenate [ladies' chambers], right foreground the portal of the minister, exactly behind it the castle gate. The windows of the Palas are brightly lit; from the building can be heard the sound of triumphal music, horns and trumpets playing merrily into the night. Friedrich and Ortrud are sitting on the steps leading up to the minister portal. Both are dressed in dark, shabby clothes. Ortrud, resting her head in her hands, is staring at the brightly lit windows of the Palas; Friedrich is looking sullenly at the ground.

Daybreak must not find us here. From the splendour of this our enemy's feast let me suck a terrible, dearly poison that will end our shame and their joy! Why do I not leave you be and run away, away to where my conscience might find peace again! Through you I lost my honour, all my glory; never again shall praise adorn me, my knighthood is but shame! I am condemned as an outlaw, my sword lies smashed, my coat of arms broken, and cursed is the house of my fathers! Wherever I turn I am shunned, condemned; lest he be defiled by my countenence, even the robber flees me!

Would that I had chosen death, for I am so wretched! Der junge Tag darf hier uns nicht mehr sehn. I have lost my honour, my honour, my honour is no more! He falls to the ground, overcome with grief. Why do you mistrust me? Was it not your evidence, your word that lured me into accusing the innocent one? Did you not lie to me, saying that from your wild castle your own eyes bore witness to the crime being carried out in the dark wood around you, that you saw Elsa herself drown her brother in the pond there?

Did you not ensnare my proud heart by prophesying that the ancient House of Radbod would blossom anew and rule in Brabant? Did you not induce me to renounce the hand of Elsa, the innocent one, and to take you for my wife, because you are the last in the Radbod line? War's nicht dein Zeugnis, deine Kunde, die mich bestrickt, die Reine zu verklagen? Bewogst du so mich nicht, von Elsas Hand, der Reinen, abzustehn und dich zum Weib zu nehmen, weil du Radbods letzter Spross?

Did God not pass judgement and punish me for having done so? How dreadful his name sounds from your lips! Had you but addressed such grim threats to him who now sends you into the misery of exile, you would have bought victory for ignominy! He who knew how to match him would find him weaker than a child! Mir, einem Weibe, drohn? Give me the power and I will surely show you what a weak god it is that protects him. Sit down beside me! The hour has come for my prophetic eye to enlighten you!

During the following, Friedrich moves ever closer to Ortrud, as if drawn by a mysterious power; he listens to her attentively Do you know who this knight is who was brought ashore by a swan? ORTRUD What would you give to find out if I told you that, were he forced to reveal his name and origin, that strength would vanish that is granted him by magic alone?

Now I understand his interdict! Die Stund ist da, wo dir mein Seherauge leuchten soll! Dann begriff ich sein Verbot! Niemand hier hat Gewalt, ihm das Geheimnis zu entreissen, save she whom he so strongly forbade ever to ask him the question. The most important thing is not to flee this place; so use your wit! To arouse just suspicion in her, come forward and accuse him of having used magic to confound the trial! Deception and the cunning of magic! Every creature that is made strong by magic, should but the smallest part of its body be torn off, it will immediately show itself to be powerless as it really is.

Trug und Zaubers List! ORTRUD Had you but cut off a finger during the fight, even just the joint of a finger, the knight would have been in your power! Ha, what is this that I hear? I imagined myself to have been beaten by God; but the trial was confounded by deception, through magic's cunning I lost my honour! But I could avenge my shame, I could prove my honesty? I could smash the lover's deception and win back my honour? O woman, whom I see before me in the night, if you are deceiving me again, woe betide you!

Be calm and collected! I will teach you the sweet delights of revenge! You who are lost in sweet sleep, know that disaster awaits you! He came through you, you smiled on his journey, on wild ocean waves you faithfully preserved him. To dry my tears I have oft implored you; cool now my cheek which burns with love! Leave this place awhile! Entfern ein kleines dich von hier!

How terrible and plaintive is the sound of my name as it rings out through the night! Is my voice so strange to you? Will you completely disown the poor creature whom you are casting into the furthest reaches of exile? What are you doing here, unfortunate woman? How right you are to call me that! In the distant solitude of the wood, where I was living quietly and peacefully, what did I do to you? What did I do to you?

I was joyless, merely lamenting the misfortune that has long troubled my family. Was it I who brought you suffering? What am I to make of this? ORTRUD He must have been beguiled by some unhappy madness to have accused you, the innocent one, of a crime - now his heart is torn by remorse, he is damned to grim repentance! Ist meine Stimme dir so fremd? In ferner Einsamkeit des Waldes, wo still und friedsam ich gelebt, - was tat ich dir? War ich es, die dir Leid gebracht? Was soll mir das?

ELSA God of justice! After a brief, sweetly innocent period of suffering you now see life smiling upon you; you may gladly take leave of me, sending me down the road to death, lest the grim spectre of my misery ever visit your feasts again! ELSA I would scarce be doing justice to your goodness, O mighty God who smiles upon me so, If I were to cast aside the misfortune that stoops before me now in the dust!

I will take you in myself! She hurries back into the Kemenate. Help me now in my revenge! Punish the ignominy that you have suffered here! Strengthen me in the service of your holy cause! Destroy the vile delusions of the apostate! I call on you, O god of strength! Hear me, O exalted one!

Bless my deceit and hypocrisy, that I may be successful in my revenge! ELSA still offstage Ortrud, where are you? Ich selber lass dich zu mir ein! Helft jetzt meiner Rache! Bestraft die Schmach, die hier euch angetan! Dich Starken rufe ich! ELSA noch ausserhalb Ortrud, wo bist du? Must I behold you thus, you whom I had but seen in pride and splendour! I choke with pity to see you humbled thus before me! O spare me your supplications!

If you bore me hate, I forgive you; and what you have already suffered through me I beg you to forgive me in turn! ELSA He who tomorrow is to be called my husband I shall appeal to his loving nature, that he may show mercy to Friedrich too. ELSA At down let me see you ready - adorned in splendid garments you shall accompany me to the minster: If you allowed me to live with you, I would always be the beggar!

So muss ich dich erblicken, die ich in Stolz und Pracht nur sah! Es will das Herze mir ersticken, seh ich so niedrig dich mir nah! O, spare mir dein Bitten! Trugst du mir Hass, verzieh ich dir; was du schon jetzt durch mich gelitten, das, bitte ich, verzeih auch mir! Dort harre ich des Helden mein, freudig stolz vor Gott sein Eh'gemahl zu sein.

Soll ich in Gnaden bei dir wohnen, stets bleibe ich die Bettlerin! ELSA What do you mean? ORTRUD Let me warn you not to put too blind a trust in your happiness; lest you are ensnared by misfortune, let me look into the future for you. ELSA Seized with horror, she turns away in indignation; then she turns back to Ortrud, filled with sadness and compassion Piteous creature, can you not understand how a heart can love without harbouring dubts?

Have you never known the happiness that is given to us by faith alone? Enter here with me! Let me teach you to know the sweet bliss of true devotion! Turn then to the belief that there is a happiness without regret! This pride shall help me fight her devotion! Against this I shall turn my weapons, her arrogance will cause her to repent! ELSA unbefangen und freundlich Wie meinst du? Lass zu dem Glauben dich bekehren: Gen ihn will ich die Waffen kehren, durch ihren Hochmut werd ihr Reu!

Ortrud, led by Elsa, feigns hesitation as she enters the small door; the maids light the way and close the door once everybody is inside. Fulfil, O woman, what your cunning mind has devised; I feel powerless to stop your work! The misfortune began with my defeat, now shall she fall who brought me to it! Only one thing do I see before me, urging me on: Nur eines seh ich mahnend vor mir stehn: Two watches sound the morning fanfare from the tower; an answer is heard from a distant tower.

As the watches descend from the tower and open the gate, castle servents emerge from several directions, greet one another and go quietly about their tasks etc. Some draw water from the well in metal vessels, knock on the portal of the Palas and are let in. The portal of the Palas opens again, the royal trumpeters emerge, sound the fanfare then go back into the building. The servants have left the stage. Brabantian soldiers and nobles arrive in increasing numbers, some crossing the courtyard, others coming in through the tower gate.

He who here performed such great miracles will perchance do many more wondrous deeds! The herald appears from the Palas and moves onto the terrace in front of it, the four trumpeters preceding him. The royal fanfare is sounded once again and everyone turns towards the background in animated expectation HERALD I hereby make known to you the King's word and wish: Friedrich Telramund has been outlawed for daring to enter the trial by combat untrue. Whosoever shall harbour him or join him shall himself be outlawed in accordance with the law of the realm.

MEN A curse on him who was untrue, who was judged by God! May the innocent shun him, may peace and sleep flee him! The trumpeters' call once again brings the people to attention HERALD And further the king proclaims that the God-sent stranger whom Elsa wishes to take as her husband, is to be enfeoffed with the land and crown of Brabant.

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But the knight does not wish to be called Duke - you shall call him Protector of Brabant! MEN Great is the long-awaited man! Hail to him who was sent by God! We will faithfully serve the Protector of Brabant! Der hier so hehre Wunder schuf, manch neue Tat vollbringen mag. Ihn soll der Reine scheuen, es flieh' ihn Ruh und Schlaf! Heil ihm, den Gott gesandt! He goes back into the Palas with the four trumpeters MEN Do not delay in going to battle, the noble one leads you on!

He who fights courageously with the knight shall see the road to glory smile upon him! From God is he sent to make Brabant great! Wer mutig mit ihm ficht, dem lacht des Ruhmes Bahn! Do my eyes deceive me? You dare show yourself here, the pray of every serf? He who so boldly commanded you to go to war, him will I accuse of deceiving God!

What is your intent? You are lost if the people hear you! They push him towards the minster, where they try to hide him from the view of the people. She is going in faith to the minister. They press forwards, clearing a broad passage through the retreating nobles, to the minster steps, where they take up their positions.

Du wagst dich her, zur Beute jedem Knecht? Was hast du vor? May God guide her, may God protect her step! The nobles have unwittingly pressed forwards again, but they move back once more as the pages approach, clearing the way for the procession which has arrived in front of the Palas.

Elsa slowly moves into the foreground through the avenue of people Hail to you, O virtuous one! Hail, Elsa of Brabant! The pages and foremost women have arrived at the minster steps and taken up their positions to watch Elsa enter the church; amongst the women behind her and closing the procession is Ortrud, also sumptuously dressed. The women nearest her are afraid and clearly cannot conceal their indignation. They keep their distance from her, such that she appears to be isolated; the expression on her face is one of increasing wrath.

Just as Elsa, hailed loudly by the people, is about to tread on the first step, Ortrud rushes forward. Heil Elsa von Brabant! No longer will I suffer to follow you like a maid! You shall give me precedence everywhere, you shall humbly bow down before me! What is this that I see? What sudden change has come over you?

I dare now to revenge my suffering, I mean to redeem what is due to me! General astonishment; the crowd stirs ELSA Woe, did I let myself be led astray by your hypocrisy, you who stole to me moaning in the night? How can you arrogantly claim precedence over me, you, spouse of a man condemned by God? ORTRUD feigning an expression of deep pain False judgement may have banished my husband, but his name was honoured throughout the land; he was called the One of highest virtue, his brave sword was known and feares. But your husband, pray, who here knows him?

You yourself are unable to utter his name! Ha, what does she proclaim? Was muss ich sehn? Die diese Nacht sich jammernd zu mir stahl: Der deine, sag, wer sollte hier ihn kennen, vermagst du selbst den Namen nicht zu nennen! Ha, was tut sie kund? Or whence the waters brought him to you, when he shall leave you again, and whither he shall go?

For to do so would cause him great anguish - thus did the guileful knight forbid the question! ELSA after the initial shock, she has regained her composure You blasphemer! Hear the answer that I venture to give you! So pure and noble is his being, so virtuous is the distinguished man, that he shall be smitten with eternal misfortune who dares to doubt his sending! Darf sie es wagen? ORTRUD Ha, the innocence of you champion would soon be tarnished if he had to tell of the magic that gives him such power!

If you do not dare ask him, we will all rightsully belive that you yourself are torn with worry, that his innocence is not what it seems! The Palas doors open, the four trumpeters emerge and sound the fanfare MEN looking towards the background Make way! Hail to the King! Hail to the Protector of Brabant! That unholy woman near you? Protect me from this woman! Chide me if I have been disobedient to you! I saw her grieving in front of this portal, and took her in that she might forget her misery. Now see what dreadful recompense she pays my goodness: Das unsel'ge Weib bei dir?

Schilt mich, wenn ich dir ungehorsam war! In Jammer sah ich sie vor dieser Pforte, aus ihrer Not nahm ich sie bei mir auf: You will never be victorious here! He turns back to Elsa and the king, and leads the procession towards the minster; everybody prepares to follow in an orderly fashion Friedrich appears on the minster steps; the women and pages withdraw in horror when they recognise him FRIEDRICH O King!

Princes beguiled by deception! MEN What does he want here? Hier wird dir nimmer Sieg! Verfluchter, weich von dannen! Or you will surely die! You are beguiled by the cunning of magic! MEN Seize the wretch! Those pressing forwards are startled by his words and finally pay attention May the power he won through cunning be scattered as dust before God's breath! Du bist des Todes, Mann! Durch eines Zaubrers List seid ihr belogen! How carelessly you proceeded with the trial that yet robbed me of my honour, for you spared him one question when he came to do battle!

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You shall not prevent that question now, for I shall put it to him: The crowd stirs, deeply shocked Who is this who sailed ashore drawn by a wild swan? He who avails himself of such magical creatures, his purity do I consider deception! Now shall he answer the charge; if he can, then I received just punishment - but if he cannot, you shall see that his innocence is not what it seems! How will he answer them? I can fend off the doubts of the wickend, never shall innocence succumb to them!

Will he say that you too are ignoble and refuse to answer your question? The burden of doubt will not trouble them, they saw my good deed! Only one person must I answer: Elsa - Wie schlecht ihr des Gerichtes wahrtet, das doch die Ehre mir benahm, - da eine Frag ihr ihm erspartet, als er zum Gotteskampfe kam! Die Frage nun sollt ihr nicht wehren, dass sie ihm jetzt von mir gestellt: Bewegung grosser Betroffenheit unter allen Wer ist er, der ans Land geschwommen, gezogen von einem wilden Schwan? Nun soll der Klag er Rede stehn; vermag er's, so geschah mir recht, - wo nicht, so sollet ihr ersehn, um seine Reine steh es schlecht!

Was wird er ihm entgegnen? Wird er auch dich unadlig schelten, dass er die Frage dir verwehrt? Nicht darf sie Zweifels Last beschweren, sie sahen meine gute Tat! Nur Eine ist's, der muss ich Antwort geben: I see her brooding wildly! Has the lying tongue of hatred beguiled her?

O Heaven, protect her heart from danger! May the innocent one never be plagued with doubts! If it causes him anguish, may his tongue guard the secret! We will protect him, the noble one, from danger; he proved his worth to us through his deed. ELSA oblivious to what is happening around her, staring ahead The secret he conceals would bring him disaster if he revealed it here to all present; how woefully ungrateful I should be to betray my saviour by forcing him to reveal it.

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