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Contenders versus pretenders: What to make of the NFL’s seven 2-0 teams
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This reduces the bandwidth of an uncompressed video signal by one-third with little to no visual difference.

Chroma subsampling

This sampling mode is not expressible in J: Cb horizontal resolution is half that of Cr and a quarter of the horizontal resolution of Y. DV has also been sporadically used in feature films and in digital cinematography.

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In the NTSC system, if the luma is sampled at The data rate is thus the same. There are three variants of 4: Most digital video formats corresponding to PAL use 4: With interlaced material, 4: The luma samples are derived from separate time intervals while the chroma samples would be derived from both time intervals.

It is this difference that can result in motion artifacts. The MPEG-2 standard allows for an alternate interlaced sampling scheme where 4: This solves the problem of motion artifacts, reduces the vertical chroma resolution by half, and can introduce comb-like artifacts in the image.

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Zero divided by any positive integer, positive rational number, or positive irrational number is zero. "Zero ko do se divide karne par kya aata hai. (Translation: What do you get when you divide zero by two, I will not take infinity as an answer.). Chroma subsampling is the practice of encoding images by implementing less resolution for . In , the horizontal sampling is doubled compared to , but as the Cb and Cr channels are only sampled on each alternate line in this.

The moving text has some motion blur applied to it. Note that the chroma leads and trails the moving text. As well, the spatial displacement between both fields can result in the appearance of comb-like chroma artifacts.

Video transcript

Both fields are shown. If the interlaced material is to be de-interlaced, the comb-like chroma artifacts from 4: This ratio is possible, and some codecs support it, but it is not widely used.

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This ratio is possible, and some codecs support it, but it is not widely used. So for example, you take 0. Algebra I Algebra foundations. Let's get super close to zero: Also note that the diagram does not indicate any chroma filtering, which should be applied to avoid aliasing. The story must be told.

This ratio uses half of the vertical and one-fourth the horizontal color resolutions, with only one-eighth of the bandwidth of the maximum color resolutions used. Uncompressed video in this format with 8-bit quantization uses 10 bytes for every macropixel which is 4 x 2 pixels.

Chroma is sampled at samples per row, a third of the luma sampling rate. In the vertical dimension, both luma and chroma are sampled at the full HD sampling rate samples vertically. One of the artifacts that can occur with chroma subsampling is that out-of- gamut colors can occur upon chroma reconstruction.

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Suppose the image consisted of alternating 1-pixel red and black lines and the subsampling omitted the chroma for the black pixels. Chroma from the red pixels will be reconstructed onto the black pixels, causing the new pixels to have positive red and negative green and blue values.

As displays cannot output negative light negative light does not exist , these negative values will effectively be clipped and the resulting luma value will be too high. Let's get even closer to zero: Well, that also equals one.

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Let's get super close to zero: Well once again, that also equals one. And it didn't even matter whether these were positive or negative. I could make these negative and I'd still get the same result. Negative this thing divided by negative this thing still gets me to one. So based on this logic you might say, "Hey, well this seems like a pretty reasonable argument for zero divided by zero to be defined as being equal to one.

The problem with dividing zero by zero

Zero divided by 0. Add in a competent quarterback Andy Dalton with several playmakers around him and a much-improved offensive line, and you have a Super Bowl-caliber team.

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The wild card in Cincinnati is cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick. The former first-rounder has flashed dominant games over the course of his career, but he has far too often followed that up with awful performances.

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If he can be close to that for the entire season, the Bengals will have one of the best defenses in the league. The Jaguars were just a second-half collapse away from making the Super Bowl a season ago. Now, Blake Bortles and company are fresh off a beating of their biggest competition in the AFC New England , and it looks as though injuries are the only thing that could derail their playoff chances.

Mahomes ranks third in adjusted completion percentage He is averaging a whopping Mahomes has no reason to stop slinging it downfield anytime soon, with speedster Tyreek Hill ranked second in the NFL in wide receiver grades. Bench David Johnson ].