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You Who have bound the sea by the word of your command, You Who have shut the deep, and sealed it with your fearsome and glorious Name,. You, O Lord, according to the fullness of Your clemency, promised repentance and forgiveness to those who have sinned against You, and in the fullness of Your mercies, You have appointed repentance for sinners toward salvation. Therefore, You, O Lord, God of the righteous, have not given repentance for the righteous, for Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, who had not sinned against You, but you have given repentance for me, the sinner.

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It's all about when I fell in love with my wife Gillian. Kevin, The prayer of Manasseh is a beautiful prayer. If you can read that verse above 8 and NOT have a problem with it, I question your knowledge of Scripture in which God will never contradict himself. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Whatsapp. Lyrics submitted by EnjOy IncUbus. Proudly powered by WordPress.

For I have sinned more than the number of sand of the sea; my lawless deeds are multiplied, O Lord, multiplied, and I am not worthy to look and see the heights of heaven because of the multitude of my unrighteous deeds. I am bent down by too many a bond of iron for the lifting of my head because of my sins, and there is no relief for me, for I have provoked Your wrath and done evil before You.

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I have set up abominations and multiplied provocations idols. I am asking, begging You: Do not destroy me with my lawless deeds, nor for all ages keep angry with me, nor condemn me to the depths of the earth, for You, O Lord, are the God of those who repent. And in me You will display Your goodness, for, my being unworthy, You will save me according to Your great mercy.

And I will praise You throughout all the days of my life, for all the power of the heavens sing Your praise.

For Yours is the glory, to the ages. This is one of my favorite Biblical prayers, the Prayer of Manasseh, ranging from depths emotional, spiritual and physical, to heights of the same, and from human inabilities and failures to heavenly powers. You may have noticed an allusion to this prayer in Clement While the exact origins of this prayer are unknown, outside of it being very likely Jewish, rather than Christian, in origin, it was probably composed in Greek though some oddities in it may be taken to indicate otherwise in order to supply the prayer of King Manasseh of Judah, son of Hezekiah, mentioned in 2 Chronicles Most manuscripts lack it, but the Didascalia includes it, as does The Apostolic Constitutions both with very slight differences , and the Vulgate includes the first half of it.

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The following verse also makes better sense with this addition. Anyhow, there it is. The prayer of Manasseh is a beautiful prayer. It is a shame that many people have never read it. This prayer is aweson!

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I am 56 by surfing the internet I found it. Me maravillO cuando lo leI en un libro de los textos apOcrifos. El mundo entero lo necesita. From one who can really relate to Manasseh, from the sin and repentance side, I am glad these words have been preserved.

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If you can read that verse above 8 and NOT have a problem with it, I question your knowledge of Scripture in which God will never contradict himself. Jesus is the only man although without ceasing to be God that has ever lived a sinless life on this planet!!! It is most certainly Biblical, as it does and always has appeared in the Bible of Eastern Christians, from whom everyone else received the Bible and since done various awful things to and with it. You erroneously combine a hyper-literal reading of this verse with a not-so-literal reading of Genesis.

Where in the text does it state that Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob sinned against God? This perspective is thus not surprising, as it was written by someone with a great familiarity with the Scriptures, greater than your own, it appears.

While it is understood that the Patriarchs sinned, their few and minor sins were as though they had never been committed in comparison with those of the character praying this prayer, the wicked King Manasseh, who effectively outlawed worship of God in favor of idols, and persecuted the prophets, including killing the Prophet Isaiah. Greater sins require greater repentance. And as it is read in Great Compline which is celebrated only in the midst of Lent, a time of repentance, this focus is understood by those who have inserted it into the liturgy as well as everyone who hears it.

I would suggest that you need to learn to read the Bible better, or at least more consistently. Filan was joined by several members of his family and friends for the reception scenes where the wedding party continues.

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His wife Gillian can be seen spinning around on the dance floor wearing a pretty frock. Meanwhile, his children feature prominently. The drummer in the video is also a family friend as are several of the other participants. After missing the wedding, the singer arrives in his car before taking to the stage and performing at the wedding reception. The video is set in the summer time and sees Filan enjoying a few pints of Guinness with his pals before dancing the night away and singing his heart out.

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