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Are you Nable to fainting spells? Have your monthly courses stopped? Where is the particular locality of the pain? Do you feel the pain within the head skull or externall y? Is the pain aggravated upon my pressing here? Ha ve you a n y d isease of the bones? Du you suffer from any affection of the teeth, the ears, the eyes? Is the pain persistent or paroxys- mal? Haben Sie irgend Beschwerden beim Harnen? Leiden Sie oft an Herzklopfen, Halsschmerzen, Heiserkeit? Ist Ihre Periode in Ordnung? Ist Ihr Monatliches ausgeblieben? Wo ist der Sitz des Schmerzes? Haben Sie irgend ein Knochen- leiden?

Is the pain worse cd night or by day, or at any parlicular hour of the day? Is the pain increased by long sleep, by bodily or mental fatigue? Is your headache sometimes very sharp piercing andconstant? Is the pain relieved by stimulants or food? Is the pain worse in the morning, before food has been taTcen? Have you sometimes a iransitory Sensation of falling, of dizzi- ness, a feeling of illusory move- ments of extemal objects? Is this feeling relieved by closing your eyes?

Is this Sensation associated tcith a dull headache, and wiih gas- tric disturbances? Have you perhaps been careless reg ar ding your diet? Are you free from suffering be- tween the attacks? Is the vertigo associated ivith par- tial deafness and ringing in the ears. Ist der Kopfschmerz zuweilen sehr stechend und andauernd? Wird der Schmerz durch Stimu- lantien oder Nahrung gemin- dert? Ist der Schmerz heftiger des Mor- gens, ehe Sie Nahrung zu sich genommen haben? Is pain produced in the affected ear by noise of any bind?

Is the abnormal Sensation of short or long er duration? Ist es mehr oder weniger heftig? Do you momentarily lose all con- sciousness? Does the vertigo recur at uncer- tain Limes, even ivhile actively engaged, or in bed and half Is your health good otherwise? Did your disease arise from over- taxing the brain? Is the vertigo relieved in the recum- bent position? Is the lieadache dull or of steady intensity, or more violent and paroxysmal? Was the headache sudden in its development ; is it uniform and general instead of neuralgic and limited? How long ftace you been suffering from it?

Is your sense of vision impaired, and ic herein does this impair- ment consist? Ist sonst Ihre Gesundheit gut? Seit wie lange schon leiden Sie daran? Does your head ache at the same time? Has the patient perhaps beert Struck on his head? Leiden Sie gleichzeitig auch an Kopfschmerz? Ist der Patient vielleicht auf den Kopf geschlagen worden? Did theparalysis occur suddenly? Was it preceded by a sndden pain in the back? Is the patient unable to retain his urine and his faices? Did the patient indulge in sexual excesses?

Did the paralysis occur after fa- tigue or violeat exertion, or in consequence of exposure to cold or wet?

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Is the difficulty in motion much greater on arising after a night 's rest, or indeed whenever the patient has been for any length of Urne in a recumbent posture? Is the pain more severe as I press lipon the spine? Is Ute pain aggravated by move- ments of any kind? Was the patient sometimes a Sen- sation, as if a cord had been drawn aroiind his body? Hat der Patient sich geschlecht- liche Excesse zu Schulden kom- men lassen? Wird der Schmerz durch jede Be- wegung verschlimmert? Versuchen Sie mit geschlossenen Augen zu gehen oder zustehen. Ras the patient falten or been Struck lipon his head?

Ras he applied liimself too in- tensely to study? Bad he perhaps great trouble or eures? Was the attack very sudden? Had the patient, before sinking into the comatose sleep, more or less headache, nausea, confusion of thought, oreven convulsions? Did sigus of deranged intellect precede the attack? Has the patient sustained an in- jury of the skull? Ts Ihere a discharge of the ears? Was there a protracted suppura- tion- in any pari of the body? Ist der Patient auf den Kopf gefallen oder geschlagen worden? Hat er sich geistig zu sehr ange- strengt?

Hatte der Patient, ehe er in den comatosen Schlaf verfiel, mehr oder weniger Kopfschmerz, Brechneigung, Confusion der Gedanken, oder gar Convulsio- nen? Hat der Kranke einen Ausfluss aus den Ohren? Existirt ein schon lange beste- hender Eiterungsprozess? Did thepain arise wifhout exter- na! Do you knotv any cause for it? Wie oft pflegt er stattzufinden? Offen theparoxysms are separated by intervals of longer or shorter duration. Is the pain aching ahvays lim- ited to the same organ, or is it irregularly distributed over the whole body?

Is it associated with spasms? Can you describe what course the pain generally folloivs? Where have you the pain? Here, in my face. What brings it on? Often the most trivial cause ; a current of air, a slight touch, ajar of my bed, a knock at the door. Do you make use of too much cof- fee, tea, tobacco, and alcoholic drinks? You feel the pain in your Shoul- der, have you a disease of the liver; in your thigh, have you a disease of the kidneys ; in your left arm, do you suffer from heart-disease?

Do you suffer from debil ity, an- cemia, gout, rneumatism? Are your digestive organs out of order? You may remove the malady by applying magnetism, especially a cousta? Wo haben Sie den Schmerz? Was ruft ihn hervor? Sind Ihre Verdauungsorgane in Unordnung gerat hen?

Soldan's Geschichte der Hexenprozesse. Zweiter Band by Wilhelm Gottlieb Soldan

Moisten a piece of linen with Chloroform and apply it to the painful pari. Bind a piece of oiled silk around it, to prevent evaporation. Athraen Sie, wenn der Schmerz sehr heftig ist, Chloroform ein. Does the pain occupy one side or both sides of the head? How long does the attack last? Is the pain accoinpanied by a dis- order of sight?

Is there any vomitirtg or nausea. Is the pain relieved by ivarmth? Nimmt der Schmerz eine oder beide Seiten des Kopfes ein? Where is the pain? In iicij tongue ; it is burning. Js yunr mouih very dry f Yes, I also have an intense fldrst and constant saliration. Tour tongue is sicollen very much. Where did the swelhny com- vi eure 9 In front. Wo ist der Schmerz?

In der Zunge; er ist brennend. Ist Ihr Mund sehr trocken? Die Zunge ist sehr goschwollen. Wo hat die Schwellung begon- nen? Po An dem vorderen Theile. Have you injured it or- were you stung by a venomous insect? You have ulcers on your tongue, ; have you had syphilis f D. Haben Sie dieselbe verletzt, oder sind Sie von einem giftigen Insect gestochen worden? You are very hoarse, have you be- come so suddenly?

Do you cough and, expeclorate? Neither the one nor the other. Do you feel pain or difficulty in breathing f No, Sir. It is of no consequence, and a re- sult of over-exerting your voice. You have used your voice too much in singing or speaking. A short period of rest will re- move your trouble. Sie sind sehr heiser. Husten Sie, und werfen Sie dabei aus? Weder das Eine noch das Andere.

Empfinden Sie Schmerz oder Atembeschwerden? Sie haben Ihre Stimme zu stark beim Sin- gen oder Sprechen gebraucht. I am very hoarse and have a trou- blesome cough. Is your cough dry? No, I also expectorate. Ist der Husten trocken? Nein, ich werfe auch aus?

Wo, Sir, T cannot breathe very P. Ich kann nicht ganz freely. I haue considerdble difficulty in breathing. You have, I find by examination, a groicth on one of your vocal cords. I have a very sore throat. Can you swallow tciihout pain? Xo, the difficulty in swaUowing is very severe. Do liquids return through your nose 9 Is it painful to you to talk? Let me inspect your throat. Your tonsils are swollen and prom- inent. As we cannot separate your jaus sujficiently, let nie introduce iny finger, to find out the condition of the affected parts.

Ich habe bedeutende Be- schwerde beim Athmen. Dasselbe muss schlechterdings entfernt wer- den. Ich habe einen sehr schlimmen wehen Hals. Nein, die Schluckbeschwerden sind sehr heftig. Macht Ihnen das Sprechen Schmerzen? Lassen Sie mich Ihnen in den Hals sehen. Ihre Mandeln sind' angeschwol- len und stehen vor. How long have you had thepaiu? Have you much pain at the angles of the jaws, shooting to the ear? You have an unpleasant taste in your mouth, do you experience relief and an improvement in deglutition? I am glad of it. The abscess has burst.

Reformed Protestantism - East Friesland and North West Germany Online

Wie lange schon haben Sie den Schmerz? Haben Sie grossen Schmerz an den Kiefer winkeln, der bis zum Ohre hinaufschiesst? You feel pain in the cavity of your mouth. Lei me inspect it. Is any attempt at chewing pain- ful? Is your taste impaired? I oes salivaflow from your mouth? You have an inflamma- tion of the cavity of the mouth. Have you swallowed hot or corro- sive substances? Do you suffer from gastric dis- order 9 I have also pain in the jaivs and my teeth are becoming loose.

Lassen Sie mich dieselbe inspicieren. Ist jeder Versuch zum Kauen schmerzhaft? Fliesst Ihnen Speichel aus dem Munde? Leiden Sie am Magen? Your nvula is sw ollen. Have you coryza cold in the head and fever? Is your sense of hearing also im- paired? Haben Sie Schnupfen und Fie- ber? How did the disease begin 9 With a sore throat. Is your neck someivhat stiff? Docs it hurt you as I press here o? Have you much pain in the head? Have you a sense of weakness and prostratiou?

We must counteract thedepressing effect of the malady by nourish- ment and stimidants. Lei m e examine the cavity of your mouth and see how far the swell- ing extends, whether the gums and larynx are free. Have youparoxysms of cough and dyspnoea f Wie hat die Krankheit begon- nen? Ist Ihnen der Hals etwas steif? Haben Sie starkes Kopfweh? Has thepatienfs voice cliangecl? Diel difficulty in deglutition occur from the onset or later 9 Where were the first manifesta- tions ofthe disease, in the throat or in the larynx? Haben Sie Schluckbesch wer- den?

Wo waren die ersten Krank- heitserscheinungen, im Rachen oder im Kehlkopf? Where is the seat of your afflic- tion? Here pointing to the larynx in my throat. What is your Sensation there? A feeling of ticlcling and Irrita- tion. Do you often cough? Yes, the cough is but trifling, though aunoying ; it is rather a constant disposition to clear the throat. Have you any difficulty in swal- lowing? Yes, but not much. Phase, have a spoon brought for nie. Phase to open your mouth, a Utile wider, as ivide as you can. You have a slight attack of laryn- gitis.

Wo ist der Sitz Ihres Leidens? Haben Sie Beschwerden beim Schlucken? Ja, aber nicht viel.

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Machen Sie gefalligst den Mund auf ; bitte, etwas weiter! The affected oryan re- quires the greatest red. And then try to have uniformly warm and pure wir for breath- ing, and not irritating food and drink. Das wird sich bald geben. Stricture of the Oesophagus. Are these associated with hic- cough? Have you a burning Sensation be- tween the Shoulders, in the course of the tube? Have you swalloived hot water or corrosive substances f Yes, sir, Ihave accidentally stval- loived nitric acld s alphur ic acid. Have you an impedimeut in swal- lowing? Cannot the patient swallow even liquid food without great diffi- culty f Do you sometimes expectorate clots of blood without cough or vom- iting?

Haben Sie Beschwerden oder Schmerzen beim Schlucken? Haben Sie ein Hiuderniss beim Schlucken? Very much ; constantly ; by day and all night. How long Jiave you had this cough? I have been suffering from it for some time. Is your cough accompanied by ex- pectoration? No, it is a dry cough. Well, you must take care of your- self, and avoid everything thctt provokes cough, especially dust, smoke, and cold air. Your sleeping room must be moderate- ly warmed by night, and ven- tilated aired by day. It was purulent mixed with blood. Was the blood fluid or coagulated?

Was it florid or dark 9 Was it in a small or large quan- tity? Haben Sie diesen Husten schon lange? Ist der Husten mit Auswurf verbunden? Nein, es ist ein trockner Husten. Wie war der Auswurf beschaf- fen? Er war eitrig mit Blut ge- mischt. War es hellroth oder dunkel? Seit wann bemerken Sie Blut in Ihrem Auswurf?

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Was the, bleeding preceded by pain in. Avoid speaking as much as you possibly can, all over-excite- ments, emotion s of mind, and especially all inhalations pro- voking cough. Lay off all clotlxing that tends to compress the ehest. Then I recommend you cold aeid- ulated drin Jos, as also mild, not hot food. See that the bowels are kept open, and avoid everything that might cause palpitation of the lieart. Wie lange mag es her sein, dass Sie Blut aushusten? Gingen der Blutung Brust- sclimerz. Herzklopfen, Atembe- schwerden u.

Was the vomiting of blood pre- ceded by a feeling of iveighf and uneasiness in the epigaslric re- gion? Yes, I had deeided nausea. How diel the ejeeted matte? Wie hat das Erbrochene aus- gesehen? Did the vomiting take place once or several times? The vomited blood icas florid and it spurted out in Jets. What taste did you perceive in your mouth 9 A saltish taste.

Was your mouth filled with blood icithout any effort, or did the patient expectorate a quantity of light-red and frothy blood after a slight cough 9 Where do you feel pain? Ihave soreness behind the breast- bone, and pain in my limbs. Can you breathe freely 9 No, I feel a slight oppression in breathing and a ticMing in the throat. What is the uature of the cough 9 Paroxysmal. Now it is looser than at the be- ginning, and less fatiguing. The Sputum looks yellowish er greenish, sometimes streaked with blood. Fand das Erbrechen einmal oder mehrere Male statt?

Wie tritt der Husten auf? Schwer, und der Auswurf ist klar und schaumig. Er ist jetzt loser als anfangs und weniger anstrengend. Be particular dbout pure, uni- formly warm air by day and by night, in summer and winter. Therefore avoid dusty air, and whenever you happen to be ex- posed to it, I advise you to dose your mouth and nose by a res- pirator.

Also avoid going out into the cold from a ivarni place. Lei your fare be mild, consisting principally of milk. Ist der Husten andauernd? Vermeiden Sic daher staubige Luft, und sollten Sie solcher ausgesetzt sein, so rathe ich Ihnen, Mund und Nase durch einen Respirator zu ver- schliessen. Vermeiden Sie anhaltendes Sprechen. What do you complain of partic- ularly? Of great distress in breathing. Hoiv does it occur? In paroxysms, and is attended ivith wheezing.

Yes, I sometimes have a feeling of suffocation immediately before. Wie tritt diese auf? I waJce up out of my sleep and hear the ivheezing soimd. IIow long does the attack gener- ali y last? For the most pari it passes off ivith copious expectoration after a few hours. But sometimes it lasts for days ; by day it is better and oy night worse. Do you know any cause for these spasms? Have you at any Urne inhaled ir- ritating fumes or disagreeable vapors?

Did digestive troubles, bronchitis, or a cold in the head precede the paroxysm? Did you for some time prior to the asthmatic paroxysm pass a dark-colored, heavy urine f Are you intemperate in your hab- its 9 Have you any heart trouble? Let the patient take this medicine, a teaspoonful every two hours; and if an attack occurs, pour a few drops from this mal upon a pocket handkerchief or a nap- kin and let him inhale the vapor of it.

Sind dem Anfalle Verdauungs- beschwerden, Bronchitis oder Schnupfen vorangegangen? Leben Sie zu flott? Haben Sie irgend ein Herzlei- den? How did the affection set in? What was the naiure of the cough? It was dry at the beginning, then it was followed by mucilaginous rice-water sputa, which naiv are thick and purulent.

Do you perspire freely? Yes, especially at night, and these night-sweats weaJcen me very much. Have you lost in A great deal ; I have fallen away very much since the beginning of the disease, and I feel an in- creasing weakness. Have you been obliged to work much in dusty, bad air? Have you indulged in sexual ex- cesses? You have a disease of the ehest, and must take good care, lest it become incurable.

Your condi- tion requires bodily, sexual, and mental rest, nourishing par- ticularly animal food, with the proper amount of water, fal, and salt. Let your dwelling, particularly the sleep- D. Wie hat die Krankheit ange- fangen? Wie war der Husten? Haben Sie an Gewicht verlo- ren? It is also commendable to sojoum in an open but warm and pure wood- land air. During the cold and stormy season you ought to re- main within the uniform tem- per ature of your room, or on going out always make use of a tor. Also avoid every- that compresses the lungs, especially continuous sitting with the body beut forward.

You must also dispense with all bev- erages that produce palpitalion of the heart and heat. Have you perceived blood in your expectoration? Did a hemorrhage occur? Had you a hemorrhage? Does coughing hurt you? Where do you feel the pain? Ilas any member of your family your father, mother, brother, etc.

Haben Sie Blut gespieen? Haben Sie in Ihrem Auswurf Blut bemerkt? Hat ein Blutsturz stattgefun- den? Hatten Sie einen Blutsturz? Ist der Schmerz heftig? No, tliey liad good health. Yes, my father brother died of hing disease of breast com- plaint. Didyou enjoy good health in every other respect? Do you catch cold easily? Do you get out of breath easily? Do evening exacerbations take place in your malady? Phase to loosen the clothing over your breast. Take a deep, long breath! Do you feel pain in doing so? It hurts me to take a long breath.

Can you cough without pain? No, Sir, it hurts me even to move cd all. Be so good as to fold your arms across the ehest and bend for- ward. Place your arms over your head, thus! Lean forward, backward a liltle! Phase to lie still. Nein, sie waren ganz gesund. Ja, mein Vater Bruder ist an einem Lungenleiden an der Brustkrankh-eit gestorben. Waren Sie in jeder Beziehung sonst gesund? Kommen Sie leicht ausser Athem? Finden abendliche Verschlim- merungen in Ihrem Leiden statt? Holen Sie tief und langsam Athem.

Ich kann vor Schmerz nicht tief athmen. Nein, jede Bewegung schmerzt mich. Setzen Sie sich auf! Bitte, liegen Sie still! Wie ist der Auswurf? Wie sieht er aus? Heben Sie mir denselben auf ; ich muss ihn untersuchen. How did the sickness come on 9 It began with a severe chill, fol- lowed by a fever. Where is the pain 9 How is it? More oppressive and annoying than pungent. How is your breathing 9 Short and restricted.

Try to draw a deeper breath. It is very painful for me to breathe deeply. How is the patienfs cough 9 Troublesome and painful, with dark-colored blood expectoration. At the beginning the cough was dry with but Utile expectoration. How is his urine 9 Scanty. Has the patient beeil delirious 9 Since when has his speaking beeil more laborious 9 Has the patient been healthy and vigorous hitherto 9 Has the patient been sickly 9 Was his Constitution shattered by excesses 9 Wie ist das Athmen?

Versuchen Sie tiefer einzu- athmen.

Wie ist der Husten des Patien- ten? Anfangs war der Husten trocken, mit nur wenig Auswurf. Wie ist der Harn? Hat der Patient phantasiert? Seit wann ist sein Sprechen erschwert? Has he temporarily lost the use of 7t is limbs? The patient must be Med. Absolute rest in the horizontal Po- sition is necessary for the pa- tient.

Give a tablespoonful teaspoon of this medicine every tivo hours tili the blood disappears from the sputa. Give him her small quantities of nutritious fluid food in the form of milk, milk and eggs, oatmeal gruel or meat-broth, frequently repeated. Give him her milk punch or brandy and beef-tea in small quantities and frequently.

Relieve his thirst by acidulated, or alkaline drinks. Make warm linseed-mealpoidtices, sufficiently large to thoroughly inclose the affected side, adding a small quantity of mustard, and change tliem as often as tliey become cool. War der Patient bewusstlos? Hat er auf einige Zeit den Ge- brauch seiner Glieder verloren? Es muss dem Patienten zur Ader gelassen werden.

When Ms fever is very high, put cold water compresses on his breast especially the affected side. Dip cloihs in cold ivater, wring them out well. Hepeat ihem every fiue minutes, until relief is obtained. It is worst here. No, Sir ; it is almost unbearable, even the softest touch hurts.

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Since when has your belly been so distended? Does the patient ordinarily lie on the affected side? Do you Tcnow of any cause for your suffering f Have you sustained a fracture of a rib? Have you been injured by a stab or a shot-wound in this region 9 The patient needs absolute rest. Put warm poultices on thepainful place. Try to obtain an evacuation by clysters. The food must be mild, easily di- gestible. Tauchen Sie ein Tuch in kaltes Wasser, und winden Sie es gut aus. Er ist am schlimmsten hier. Seit wann ist der Leib so auf- getrieben? Haben Sie einen Kippenbruch erfahren? Sind Sie durch eine Stich- oder Schusswunde in dieser Gegend verletzt worden?

Der Patient bedarf absoluter Ruhe. Suchen Sie durch Klystiere eine Ausleerung zu erzielen. Give him small quantities ofmeat- broth and wine every hvo hours. Should the stomach be unable to retain food, inject a third of a pint of strong meat soup slowly through the rectum. When relief has bee n obtained in consequence thereof, repeat thesame injection after three hours.

If the dbdomen can bear pressure, a flannel roller should be firmly applied around the body. Soak a piece ofcoarse flannel four to eight double, in zvarm but not hot water ; wring it well, and apply it so as to cover the u'hole abdomen. Lay over it a cover of oiled silh or india rub- ber stuff.

This Comtess should fit as closely as possible and not be displaced, lest air enter be- tween the skin and the compress. Change the compress two or three times a day. It may remain untouched as long as it is moist and warm. Kann der Magen des Patienten Speise behalten, oder bricht er dieselbe sofort wieder aus? Wenn der Schmerz in Folge davon nachgelassen, so wiederhohlen Sie nach drei Stun- den dieselbe Einspritzung.

Wenn der Unterleib Druck er- tragen kann, so legen Sie ihm ihr ein flanellenes Wickelband fest um den Leib. Wechseln Sie die Compresse zwei oder dreimal des Tages. Have you pain in the region of the heart? Have you severe headaches, vertigo, or apoplectic attacks? Have you uneasy Do you often suddenly awake from your sleep? Has a hemorrhage occurred? Where did the dropsical swelling begin? About the ankles and the feet. Are the feet more puffy in the evening than in the morning f Had a persistent pain in the heart, or in the left side of the neck and arm preceded?

Have you noiiced that the palpita- tion returned after breakfast, or whenever hot tea or hot cofj'ee had been taken? Haben Sie Schmerz in der Herzgegend? Ist ein Blutsturz vorgekom- men? Wo hat die Wasseransamm- lung begonnen? War ein andauernder Schmerz am Herzen, oder an der linken Seite des Halses und Armes vor- angegangen?

Leiden Sie an Herzklopfen? Do you smoke inordinately?

Althusius, Johannes,1557-1638.

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Do you study too much, and take insufficieut rest and exercise? Are you subject to hysteria 9 Are youregular in yourmontJilies? Are you gouty, rheuniatic? Take the medicine every quarter or every half liour, according to the severity of the attaclc. Dur mg the paroxysm, lie flat on your dack, and loosen the cloth- ing about the neck and ehest. Leiden Sie an Hysterie?

Altes Gymnasium (Bremen, Germany)

In this connection, he desires to acknowledge his indebtedness and express his sincere thanks to Dr. You have an inflamma- tion of the cavity of the mouth. Vermeiden Sie anhaltendes Sprechen. Halsmuskeln, cervical mus- cles. Xackenmuskeln , cervi- cal muscles. Beweis, dass Herr Oberstl.

Ist Ihr Monathliches in Ord- nung? Leiden Sie an der Gicht, an Rheumatismus? Jlave you an absolute aversion to taking any kind of food? Are you notable to partake ofeer- tain artlcles? Ilave you nausea, vomiting, aeid- ity, flatulency, pain? Is your digestion disturbed? Your tongue is coated. IIow is your appetite? Ravenous ; I have a ravenous ap- jjetite. Haben Sie einen absoluten Wi- derwillen gegen jede Nahrung? Ihre Zunge ist stark belegt.

Make use of a little magnesia or bi-carbonate of soda. Have you a Sensation of constric- tion in tlie breast, short breath- ing and palpitation of the lieart? Is your sleep broken by uneasy dreams? Have you belching which has the taste of rotten eggs? Gebrauchen Sie Magnesia oder doppelt-kohlensaures Natrum.

Haben Sie Aufstossen, das den Geschmack von faulen Eiern hat? Were you previously in good health? Is everything that you swaltow immediately rejected? At ivhat period does the vomiting happen, before meals or after meals, and hoiv long afterward? Liquid mixed ivith saliva and some mucus. Is there much retching, or is the act of vomiting often repeated, and is the vomited material stained ivith bile?

Haue you noticed pus or blood in the ejected matter? Waren Sie sonst gesund? Wird was Sie verschlucken, sofort wieder ausgebrochen? Um welche Zeit tritt das Er- brechen auf, yor oder nach den Mahlzeiten, und wie lange da- nach? Haben Sie Eiter oder Blut in der erbrochenen Masse wahrge- nommen? Hat das Erbrochene das Aus- sehen von Kaffeesatz? Is your pain slight or violent? Does your pain consist more of a feeling of soreness than actual pain? Is your pain increased by pressure or not? Is your pain a,ugmented or reliev- ed by the taking of food?

Is it more severe after a heavy meal of animal food, than after a light one of farinaceous sub- stances and milk?

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Is the pain brought on by cer- tain articles of food which your stomach does not tolerate or is unable to digest? Was the attack brought on by ex- posure to cold and damp? Have you been in the habit of drinking cold water when heat- ed? Had you a sudden and violent emotion? Ist der Schmerz gering, oder heftig? Wird Ihr Schmerz durch Druck vermehrt oder nicht? Wird Ihr Schmerz durch Zu- nahme von Nahrung verschlim- mert oder gelindert? Ist Ihr Schmerz heftiger bald nach den Mahlzeiten, oder wenn der Magen voll ist? Ist er heftiger nach einer schweren Mahlzeit animalischer Kost, als nach einer leichten aus Mehlspeisen und Milch bestehenden?

How is the pain? It is violent and agonizing, but not constant. Is the pain relieved by the recum- bent position and by extemal pressure? Do you complain of neuralgic pains in otherparts of the body? Hoiv do you feel in the morning, when your stomach is empty? Is the pain eased by a hearty breakfast? Wie ist der Schmerz? Er ist heftig und qualvoll, aber nicht andauernd. Akute Mag'eneiit- Have ave you swallowed any irritat- ing or corroding subsl tance? Did you ever before suffer from indigestion? Hoiv long prior to the appearance of the pain had your digestion been disordered?

Whieh preceded, the pain, or the indigestion? Is your pain increased by sical- lowing liquids as ivell as solids? Does it hurt when I press you here? Do you vomit frequently? What do you vomit? Almost all that I swallow, and large quantities of a greenish fluid. Are your bowels free? No, Sir, Isuffer from costiveness. Do you feel any distress in your head? Do you feel thirst? Have you a Sensation of discom- fort, of pressure, and of sore- ness at the pit of the stomach, aggravated by food?

Do you feel a burning there, and an inward lieat, even when the stomach is empty? Is your appetite capricious or im- paired? Do you complain of fermentation, heart-burn, or flatulency? Are your bowels constipated? Do you suffer from chilliness? How are your spirits? Haben Sie offnen Leib? Nein, ich leide sehr an Ver- stopfung. Haben Sie Beschwerden im Kopfe? Empfinden Sie ein Brennen daselbst und innerliche Hitze sogar bei leerem Magen? Ist Ihr Appetit launisch oder verringert? Ist Ihr Stuhlgang verstopft? Wie ist Ihre Stimmung? Yes, the ejected matter is fluid, clear and without smell.

Is the ejected matter colorless? Do you live on coarse badly pre- pared food? Do you frequently drink to excess? Do you eat greedily? Oh yeah, it gets messy fast. As fast as you can turn the pages. The reviewers are raving about it…. Loved the characters and the relationships and the insights into the world of counter-terrorism. The characters show strength and depth. The plot moves quickly, leaving the reader to want more. The dialogue is direct and well written. Gary Ponzo is an author that everyone should add to their reading list.

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