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Eden and Ryan hit it off right away, but she just couldn't put these things out of her head. And why was Conner jealous, while Ryan kept asking about C Eden and Connor have been best friends forever. And why was Conner jealous, while Ryan kept asking about Conner. There is something weird about the new guy and Eden is going to find out what it is! This book was a super fast read.

The characters were all likable and even the jealousy bit wasn't very agsty or annoying. It was fast paced enough to keep you interested, but the characters were a bit two dimensional. I think the reason everyone was likable was because no one was really fleshed out. This took place in England, which was cool, but it sounded just like the states. It actually surprised me that the author lives in England and it wasn't an American writing a book set in England. Overall, I enjoyed the book though. A nice light read, without having too many feels!

Jun 04, Jeann Happy Indulgence rated it it was ok Shelves: This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews! When I heard that this book had time travel and sci fi elements in it, I was immediately intrigued, but overall it was a disappointing. Not because it was badly written by any stretch, but because it felt like it was written for a middle grade audience.

Eden is instantly attracted to the new, mysterious boy Ryan who shows up at her school and is intrigued when he seems interested in her. She confronts him and discovers the mystery behind Ryan, who is from another time and place. The time travel was done quite simply; used as an explanation about why Ryan was there from the future and simply that the Law of Temporal Integrity prevents him from telling anyone about time travel and what happens in the future.

From the moment they lay eyes on each other, Eden and Ryan are instantly attracted and want to get to know each other. This is exasperated by Ryan below: I know at least a dozen people in Year Eleven who are cleverer than him. After Eden never really seemed to take off for me. Everything was incredibly predictable, the characters were bland and the ending was tied up nicely with a bow.

It would be a good introductory paranormal to get into for the middle grade audience but I need something that packs a bit more punch. Thank you to Bloomsbury for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. View all 5 comments. Apr 11, Stuti Turmeric isn't your friend. It will fly your ship rated it it was ok Recommended to Stuti by: Know of those slide arts? Or whatever they are? The paintings that are collections of differently ambient layers of drawing that, individually, are distinct but bring them together they either create a breathtaking piece of art or just a randomly put together piece of crap.

After Eden 's made up of many levels of layers and falls in between, leaning towards the side of crap. The lowest, the one that only provides a slight background to the whole scene since so many have been stacked on top o Know of those slide arts? The lowest, the one that only provides a slight background to the whole scene since so many have been stacked on top of it, is the characterization. It's so faded out and commonplace to be almost not there. The MC, whats-her-face-oops-its-Eden, is blank as an unused slate, impressionable as a cheap slate, as well as being unique and dumb as one, too.

Because slates are dumb, considering they are inanimate and all. And their rarity validates no argument. But she did keep me entertained with her crackpot comments. Nothing pretentious or phony about his book collection. That's 'cause all the books were well thumbed. I'm so pretentious and I bet most of you readers out there are as well. Einstein was supposed to be pretty smart. Such an astute observation. This girl supposedly saves the future of earth. Luck be a lady tonight. Shame on you if you haven't been impressed by her hilariousness already!

He and his condescension. It wasn't like he specifically came out and said something offensive. And it's the way with 'em all. Wolf boys, vamp boys, spy boys, grrr And their families, as well. Continually complementing the protagonist on her levelheadedness in such out-of-the-norm situations.

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Dude, we live in the era of art, where people eat each other on TV, set up vampirical socities and dammit, we survive Lady Gaga one day at a time. I don't think your sparkly and porcupiny skin and nails that emit snot impress anyone in this century anymore. Besides, their romance has no chemistry. One second they are playing three questions- blink three weeks pass- and they're exchanging love declarations. I actually wish the author had made it into an insta-love. This seemingly months-long and developed romance is just boring and unrealistic.

And yes I do now how that sounds. Not the kind that makes you adore and love it because it's just so complex and exotic in its minimalism and mundaneness, a la Sara Zarr.

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It's plain and unexciting, 'nuff said. Tthere are words and phrases of chapters. Then, the repeated conversations. I think the words explain it all. The most bothersome aspect of this novel, the sci-fi part. Remember those classic sci-fi shows and movies? The ones with crappy visual and special effects that we love all the same? That's what this book employs. The imagery inter-dimensional spaceship literally reads like that.

Like, an oval, glowing something-or-the-other. Is it just me or there are more and more books coming out, following in the footsteps of Steins Gate? There's this another one, All Our Yesterdays.

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Discounting that, I liked it. It was fine and it will definitely be your cup of tea if you're new to the SF genre. Besides all that, the ending had me weeping. Not in the good sense. It was a breezy read, nothing especial, and didn't offend me in any way. A copy was provided by the publishers for reviewing purposes. May 23, Debby rated it it was ok Shelves: After Eden , what can I say?

Perhaps I can start with that I should have known better. I was tempted by the time traveling, the starry cover, which all hint to the kind of sci-fi I easily fall for. But I should have paid more attention to the obvious instalove inherent in the synopsis.

I should have listened to my gut. While to a certain extent I really liked the sci-fi part of this, it was wrapped up in this sadly irritating instalove coating with a stupid main character. I guess 2 stars Oh dear. I guess I might as well start with the main character, Eden , who fills me with feelings of meh. She doesn't have much of a personality to start off with, but quickly forms an obsession with the new boy in school, which really makes me roll my eyes.

She's the jealous type, so when one of the other girls starts flirting with him she becomes a whiny, insecure little girl. Time after time, Ryan the new boy tries to convince her that her best friend, Connor is in love with her. Even when the evidence is pushed in her face he hates any time Ryan is around, because he knows they like each other, and gets super snarky then; and the sheer fact that he names the planet he discovers after her - seriously, that's not strong enough evidence , she's just totally naive about it.

So most of her narrations result in eye rolls and sighs. He's supposedly Eden's best friend, but not once in this entire book does he act like it. Instead he's a whiny sore loser the whole time because of Ryan showing up. At a certain point, Eden says about him, "He's hard not to like. I had no fucking problem at all not liking him.

It came quite naturally in fact. And later she actually says, "Every time Connor spoke to me, I worried that it would turn into an argument. So why in the world were they best friends at all? I mean, if you're going to label them best friends, you have to make it believable. At least at the beginning, show how strong their friendship was before Ryan showed up or something.

Or throughout, show that although Connor is jealous he still cares for Eden. But no, he had to be a whiny little asshole to her all throughout the book. I don't have much to say. Ryan is just the smoldering, hot type. Mysterious because of the lack of knowledge of standard 21st century things. But that's about it. Can't say I picked up on more personality than that. He was a man on a mission, and that's about as interesting as he got. In fact, I kind of liked it at the end, though it's still a little too co-dependent than I would have wanted.

But seriously, dump this instalove, love triangle romance crap, and the sci-fi is so cool. In fact, it's the only planet that could be habitable for humans. But, it is inhabited by a parasite. During the first journeys to that planet, the passengers carry that parasite back with them to Earth, and it slowly starts killing the planet until the population in is less than one billion.

So Ryan is sent back in time to stop Connor from discovering it. This is the kind of thing that has me jumping for joy. Love it, love the concept. Whyyyy must it be wrapped in this coating of annoying? Disappointment is the word, although my hopes weren't that high in the first place. I need a connection with a main character, and Eden just made me shake my head at her all the time. If anything, I've learned now which warning bells to listen to when it comes to reading synopses.

A pity though about the instalove, because the sci-fi part of this was actually really cool. GIF it to me straight! Sci-fi-lite fans who aren't turned off by instalove. Feb 08, Sam rated it really liked it Shelves: After Eden is set in the modern day following a girl named Eden who is just Until Ryan Westland rolls into school and sits next to her in art class; everything changes. He might look like a normal schoolboy on the outside, but why does he lack the general knowledge that a teenager, living in this century, should know?

For instance, how could someone not recognise pi 4. For instance, how could someone not recognise pizza, or heard of one of the most famous historical figures? But Ryan has taken an interest in her and she's not about to complain since she just might slowly be falling for him. Then Eden finds a book in Ryan's house; a biography written by her best friend, Connor. And she discovers that Ryan is from the future and he has a mission to complete. A mission that Eden just might be able to help him with I haven't read many sci-fi books and the bar was set pretty high by Jennifer L.

Armentrout's Obsidian , but After Eden manages to hold up with it's own unique and engaging plot. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the gripping story. You might think, ah, the cliche: There is so much more to it than that. Ryan is no typical boy.

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He is a boy from fifty years in the future with a mission to complete. A tough one that may affect everything that happens in the future. When Ryan shares his task with Eden, she is prepared to help him, no matter what. Not only that, but the two grow closer in an unimaginable way and a question is raised: When - and if - Ryan completes his task, will he be strong enough to leave Eden and go back to his usual life? He was entertaining and really kept the story fresh and exciting.

He was likable and absolutely adorable when we first meet him. Come on, who doesn't know what pizza is? She was determined and prepared for anything. I loved her character, but most of all, I loved the romance! Their relationship was super cute and they tried to spend the time they had together as well as possible.

After Eden is a very enjoyable sci-fi book that is perfect for those in need of a YA sci-fi with plenty of mystery and romance. There is a sequel being released next year titled Chasing Stars, and I am nothing but excited for it! May 05, Sophie rated it really liked it Shelves: No, I really enjoyed this. After Eden is a beautifully crafted, enthralling and exciting read. I fell in love with all of the characters, and couldn't get enough of the unique premise and plot. This was so good. From the moment I opened this book, I fell in love with the setting - Perran. The descriptions were detailed, and I could picture all of the settings so vividly in my mind.

I was a Rating: I was able to slip into this world, and quite frankly, didn't want to leave. The writing is also beautiful, I completely adored it. I couldn't seem to get enough, and unlike most Science Fiction books, I learnt a lot from it. The constellations were really focused on, and the plot was perfectly paced. The part of the novel that is about time-travel is so well understood, although it leaves you asking questions and wanting to know more. After Eden is completely unique. It packs Science Fiction, Romance and even a bit of Contemporary into one.

Of course, there is the small subject of the romance between Ryan and Eden. Their romance builds up throughout the chapters, and you find yourself endlessly waiting for them to kiss. I found it so much fun, exciting and very much cute. I mean, it was also hilarious, as they are really a pair of average teenagers. Every page that went by you discovered more about him, and really, the plot become more daring. Sixteen year-old Eden quickly became one of my personal favourite female protagonists.

She was an unsuspecting heroine, and so relatable. One minute she is a normal teenager, studying for exams in a small countryside town - and the next she's thrown into world where Earth's existence in the future is something she is risking. Not only is Eden smart, and holds her wit, she's funny, entertaining and realistic. There was also a very determined side to her, where you will find yourself rooting her on. Other times, she will have you laughing at some sarcastic comment. The way she accepted things I was in awe off.

Ryan Westland is gorgeous, outgoing and mysterious. You get to know him a bit more and he is still just that. This book is effortlessly gripping. I mean, this was just so good. As for shocks, and unexpected twists, it certainly had a few of those. On one occasion towards the end of the book I was on the edge of my seat. I can't really express why I liked it so much, but for some reason I couldn't put it down! The build up to the ending was shocking, and I can't wait to read the sequel. The word I am really looking for is refreshing.

It's completely new, exciting, unique. It has an interesting set of characters including a deadly villain and what about that cover? My only downside is the romance is a bit too sickly sweet - although cute. Mar 24, Hallie rated it liked it Shelves: I liked the sf part of the story fine, and could have enjoyed this one though it was never going to be When You Reach Me level good , except for Eden herself, who struck me as vapid with a hefty helping of irritating. Yet the way she dresses here is all about trying to attract Ryan and she doesn't seem to give a damn that Connor gets a pretty clear message, if not one intended for him ; and finally, 3 When she does go to the pub after leaving Connor and the wildly impressive study-session, she's super bitchy about the girl who is trying to attract Ryan by -- oh, wait, she's wearing a short skirt and leaning over the snooker table - what a sluuuut.

It's an unpleasant combination, to my mind. I never really bought Eden herself, nor felt much of anything in the way of emotional depth from her she's orphaned, and living with her aunt, who gave up -- something - law school maybe? These kids want to go to uni and yet the amount of study they did in the last few study weeks before the exams start was ridiculously small. I'll make this short and sweet. He was sent from the future to save the world! The world, as in, our world: But then things go awry when he unexpectedly "falls in love" with Eden Then things get further complicated when Eden discovers the truth, which not only compromises the entire mission, but could possibly cause serious consequences, and ultimate bodily harm: Interesting I'll make this short and sweet.

So cheesy and LAME. It didn't help that I felt like this the whole time either: I could have went with a more in depth review of the whys and hows of why you shouldn't give this book the time of day, but decided that I didn't want to waste any more time on this book. Check out Scott Reads It! Sometimes book blurbs reveal way too little to the reader and the reader really has no idea what to expect from the book. Then there are books like After Eden, where you read the description and you have the entire plot mapped out clearly for the reader.

I really feel as if the blurb for After Eden revealed way too much and that it should have been more ambiguous and enigmatic. There's really no fun in reading a book where the reader knows almost every plot element a Check out Scott Reads It! There's really no fun in reading a book where the reader knows almost every plot element and there is little to be revealed. After Eden is a quick, light read that I was immediately drawn into because of it's easy, accessible plot. Though it's about time travel, After Eden isn't overly scientific, complicated, and difficult to comprehend.

After Eden is fun and fluffy, but I really don't think it's for science fiction aficionados because everything is extremely simplistic and pretty basic. There's truly nothing new in After Eden and it basically follows the basic plot outlines of most YA books. We have the mysterious bad boy who comes to town and of course rumors circulate in this small town. Everyone wants to know who he is, why is he here, and if he'll go out with them.

Obviously, this guy is drop dead handsome and insanely attractive because what YA male character isn't.

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Since this is a YA book, there are clearly more popular and attractive characters than our protagonist who are all vying for the attention of Ryan. I really don't understand the significance of the love triangle in After Eden at all, it clearly doesn't work and it feels forced. The only legitimate reason that the love triangle was there was to challenge Eden because the girl who breaks Connor's heart will help usher in the destruction of Earth.

Having a love triangle could have been ingenious if it had actually created some tension between Ryan and Eden. It seems like Eden has zero remorse that she could destroy Earth by having a crush on Ryan because the lives of 7 billion people isn't more important than some ridiculous infatuation! I would have expected that Eden to be slightly conflicted that she could cause an apocalypse.

After Eden lacks a bit of believability and I found it hard to put credence in Eden and Ryan's story. One of the clues that leads Eden to come to the conclusion that Ryan is not from modern times is that he has never heard of pizza and Adolf Hitler. I found it hard to believe that someone around a or so years in the future will have never heard of Hitler, especially when the aforementioned person is supposed to be some genius.

After Eden

Adolf Hitler killed over 6 million people and yet, in the future, our protagonist knows nothing of the most evil man in history. Consider that in school, I have studied ancient history that's s of years old, I find it hard to believe that Ryan has never heard of Hitler. There were plenty of other clues that made it evident that Ryan wasn't from modern times and so including the whole name dropping of Hitler felt extraneous.

After Eden has one of the most predictable story lines I've read recently and I figured out the plot without even reading the spoilery blurb. I hoped that the ending would be mindblowing or something worth while to interest me in the sequel, but the ending is just as bland as the rest of the book. Despite my ambivalent feelings toward this book, it was refreshing to read something that was light and extremely easy to read. Feb 07, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: I own a copy of this book. Why is Ryan different?

And how long will it take Eden to figure it out? This was an interesting YA story about love and duty. Eden was an interesting c 3. Eden was an interesting character, although she did come across as slightly stupid at times. Who finds a suspicious book and only reads the first chapter? Who gets drunk and lets important information slip out? The storyline in this was okay, although it did move quite slowly. This book seemed to take a ridiculous amount of time to get through considering how short it was!

The ending was okay, although it did leave some questions unanswered. Overall; an enjoyable story, 7 out of Jul 18, Reading With Lucy rated it really liked it. Mar 25, Praiz Sophyronja rated it it was ok Shelves: I just had this lying around, and ugh The voice of the protagonist was just so unrealistic to me. I just couldn't get into it. The sci-if aspect of it was the only decent factor for me. Oct 29, Tilly Currer Hardcore Heroines rated it liked it. Happy book birthday to Helen Douglas! After Eden is written in the perspective of a year-old girl called Eden who starts becoming friends with the new guy in school—deliciously attractive Ryan.

Sometimes I found Eden to be a tad one-dimentional. However, I did like her and thought she was really funny at times. After Eden was a really intriguing read because I adored the time-travelling aspect of the story. I found it so interesting and I hope Douglas explores this area more in the next installment. I understood there was likely to be a colossal culture shock, but they are key people in History and world renown. Surely, there must be some kind of education that informs us who Hitler was years into the future?

This just made me desperate to know more, and I really hope that at some point in this series we will see what becomes of Earth in the future, or be given more information. I really liked that the romance was not massively insta-love, I had a feeling it was going to be, but thankfully I was proved wrong. However, I love the trope of forbidden love, and I was interested to see how Eden and Ryan were going to overcome the years that force them apart.

In fact, it made for entertainment. It pleased me that the setting was Cornwall! There were really nice scenes at the beach and gazing at the stars, and I found the scenes about astronomy especially interesting. I did really enjoy After Eden, I liked the occasional humour, the setting and the entire idea of time travelling.

However, at times I felt the characters were not complex enough and the romance was lacking in a bit of spark. Apr 21, Leah rated it really liked it. And suddenly I knew what I wanted. Not in the details, but the broad sweep of things. I wanted my life to be like one of my favourite books: I wanted to be brave, take risks, make a difference, fall in love.

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The characters would be colourful, the landscapes exotic. I wanted my life to be a page-turner. A simple, time-travelling novel which had me fully immersed from the first page. This is one of those rare exceptions of YA literature which portrayed a romance which felt so comfortable to me. Most of the book is predictable though I was surprised by one aspect but that's part of what I loved. I was reading something familiar but with time travel involved. Time travel is still a fairly new area of literature to me, but I am really enjoying it so far.

Helen Douglas' writing is really lovely.

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Her narrative is very poetical and it has some absolutely wonderful lines. As a debut this book is brilliant. It's fresh, fast-paced and captivating. I was held by her world building and loved that it was set somewhere that was relatively familiar; Cornwall. The story is very simple: Ryan has come back from the future in order to prevent an even occurring which has incredibly damaging consequences in the future. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. Share this Rating Title: After Eden 5.

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